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November 22, 2017

Sugar Land Water Tanks to be Restored

The City of Sugar Land under contract with CFG Industries, is expected to begin rehabilitation of two water tanks in the Woodchester Water Plant during the first week of January. Rehabilitation of both tanks is expected to take 365 calendar days and, according to a news release posted by the city of Sugar Land, is not expected to disrupt water services.

Work on the water tanks will occur between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM Mondays through Fridays for the duration of the project.    Five neighborhood streets are expected to be affected by noise and dust during windy conditions during the rehabilitation process: Woodchester Dr,  Pinecroft Dr,  Alderbrook Dr, Ravenscroft Dr, and Hitherfield Dr.

The two steel groundwater storage tanks (GST’s) hold a combined 1.15 Million Gallons (MG) of water. GST 1 holds 0.4 MG of water and GST 2 holds 0.75 MG. At least one tank will be kept in service at any given time within the restoration period.

According to project manager Shashi Kumar, coatings in the water tanks are replaced every 13 to 15 years to improve water quality and extend the life of the tanks. The tanks in question were built in 1970 and last rehabilitated in 2004, putting them in the normal time range for coating restoration.

During an annual inspection of the two tanks performed in January of 2016 by IDS, however, it was discovered that both tanks showed not only poor coating systems but blistering and corrosion on the floor, walls, ceilings, and rafters as well.

According to agenda notes from a Sugar Land city council meeting held on February 6, 2016, the scope of the rehabilitation will include “abrasive blasting for the removal of interior and exterior coatings,” replacing inlet, suction, and drain valves, and corroded rafters, restoring roof and floor plating, replacing galvanic cathodic protection systems, and installing an epoxy coating to the interior and exterior surfaces of the tanks.

The project is being funded by the Capital Improvement Program (CIP WA1505), which provides money annually for rehabilitation of GST’s in Sugar Land’s groundwater plants.

There is an available budget of $1,576,650 through CIP WA1505, and the city accepted a bid from CFG Industries, LLC at $565,925, saving over $1,000,000. The bid includes $42,725 for alternates to address paving issues.

Project manager Shashi Kumar said the alternates address existing paving issues within the facility’s parking lot and have nothing to do with the pavement of surrounding residential roads, which he said should not be disturbed by work on the GST’s.


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